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Pay Per CallWhat is Pay Per Call?

Pay per call is basically a system where you bring a customer call to the business, and the business owner pays you a specific amount for each call. The payout of the call depends on the time a customer stays on the phone line, like 2 minutes or 3 minutes. This is just a rough idea.

What is Pay Per Call Exposed?

Pay Per Call Exposed is basically a guide created by Raj from India. Now, this guide provides you with valuable information about the whole system and How to earn money from pay per call system. Right now, He is charging $250 for the course. He is also providing service for setting up a pay per call campaign for you. The cost of the campaign setup is $1800.

My Take:

So, I got a copy of his guide, Its old one. But the concept remains the same. In the latest course, he is just providing a guide with updated income proofs, nothing else. Here is the deal; pay per call is not as saturated as CPA, Adsense, and Amazon affiliate sites. I have earned a good amount with pay per call offers myself. But now, most of my income comes from SEO services. If you got time to invest in pay per call system, trust me, it’s going to bring a good amount every month.

Pay Per Call Exposed system doesn’t worth $250; I would say $150 is enough for this guide. The guide provide valuable information about Pay per call. You are not going to find this information in the public domain for sure. But in the end, It all depends on how much time and hard work you can invest in this system. Raj information does work. He is not stealing money for sure by selling this guide.


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